Board of Education

The Board is proud of its educational program and the high standards set for our students, faculty and support staff and is committed to improving communication between the school system and the residents of Ridgefield. We welcome your suggestions for information you would like to see on the web page and encourage your involvement in the schools. Working together we can ensure the successful future of our schools.

 To contact the Board of Ed members, please use the following email address:



Mr. Austin Drukker

(term expires 2015)

spacing Jpalermo resized-cropped 4.jpg Mr. John Palermo, Jr.
(term expires 2017)

Mrs. Irene Burgess
(term expires 2017)

   MRaduazzo #2.jpg

Mr. Mike Raduazzo
(term expires 2015)

 richardsteinhart.jpg Secretary 
Mr. Richard Steinhart
(term expires 2015)
   Ksulzinsky #2.jpg

Mrs. Karen Sulzinsky
(term expires 2015)

 scott mason.jpg
Mr. Scott Mason
(term expires 2017)
   Michael Taylor Small.jpg

Mr. Michael Taylor
(term expires 2017)

 cmurray #3.jpg
Mr. Christopher Murray
(term expires 2015)