Curriculum and Instruction

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Kimberly Beck 
Asst. Superintendent

Christine Melagrano
Secretary (x22016)

Heather Reed
K-5 Literacy Chair Person (x22012)

Patricia Cooney
K-5 Math Professional Developer (x22029)

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  A curriculum is a framework that identifies the concepts, information and skills for a course and helps to provide consistency and continuity of instruction.  Textbooks and other information sources including electronic sources are selected to support the curriculum.

Instruction includes strategies for engaging students in active learning and for tailoring these experiences to meet the individual needs of students so that all students improve their performance.

Assessment and testing are planned to improve student performance.  Teachers use data and information from a variety of standardized tests, performance assessments and teacher observations to make decisions to modify curriculum and instruction to improve student performance.

All staff are life-long learners who need to continue to improve their knowledge and skills to keep up-to-date with best practices to improve the performance of all students.  Professional development is essential and is tailored to meet the needs of individual staff.

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