Professional Development

The Ridgefield Public Schools are committed to supporting the professional growth of our teachers. A comprehensive program of professional development opportunities is designed to accommodate the learning needs of teachers at all career stages.

Support for Novice Teachers

For new teachers, the program includes:

  • two orientation days
  • ongoing curriculum and instructional strategies training
  • building based mentoring

Opportunities for Experienced Teachers

Our Academy program includes workshops and courses on:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • assessment
  • technology
  • school climate

In addition, teachers can design their own professional development experiences through study groups and independent projects.

Opportunities for salary advancement and Professional Leadership

Teachers can receive credit toward salary step increases for:

  • participation in BEST mentor training
  • district-sponsored workshops or study groups of five hours or more

Payment for teachers that:

  • participate as mentors in the BEST program
  • conduct professional development workshops or courses

Reimbursement for teachers that:

  • attend district-approved workshops and conferences
  • participate in district-approved train-the-trainer programs

Our professional development program promotes collegiality, creativity and excellence for all Ridgefield Public Schools educators.

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