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Farmingville Elementary School is a special place "where good things grow".

Farmingville is a full day Kindergarten to Grade 5 school---one of Ridgefield's six elementary schools.  Farmingville is a vibrant educational community where our children come first.  Our school has a forty year history of our teachers, staff, and parents working together to provide an enriching and balanced learning enviroment.  In fact there has been a Ridgefield school on this site since 1840 (with a break in the 1930's).

Each day we open our doors to approximately 360 children.  We have three classes per grade level.  During a typical day here at Farmingville your child(ren) will be given a myriad of differentiated opportunities to learn to grow academically, physically and socially.  Our 30 member faculty and staff are committed professionals, skilled in the developmental abilities of our students. 

Farmingville students are offered a rigorous researched based academic curriculum.  Each child is encouraged to be an active participant in his and her own learning.  Girls and boys are asked to think critically, develop their own interpretations and make connections between their daily life and what they learn in the classroom.

Farmingville shares a unique relationship with our neighbor, THE HICKORIES www.thehickories.org.   The Hickories is a fully sustainable fruit and vegetable farm.  Our generous FES parent community has allowed Farmingville and The Hickories to partner in the creation of a truly hands-on curriculum that brings all our students to the farm at least twice yearly to study and enjoy the lifecycles of the farms goats, chickens, apple trees, vegetables, and soil.

At Farmingville Elementary School, we value both the academic and social curriculum withhin our classrooms.  We are a RESPONSIVE CLASSROOM school. www.responsiveclassroom.org

 Our guiding principle for our school culture is C.A.R.E.S.

C ooperation

A ssertion

R espect & Responsibility

E mpathy

S elf control 

Farmingville's enthusiastic, welcoming and committed PTA brings our parents and families together for activities ranging from academic enrichment workshops on topics like Balanced Literacy and Math enrichment web based programs, to wonderful family fun at our annual Welcome Back to School Picnic and grade level Spirit Nights.

There is a true Farmingville School team spirit that touches everything we do here on behalf of our students.  Welcome to Farmingville, where good things grow...

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