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Welcome to the Scotland Elementary School. Scotland is a wonderful school and a terrific place for children to go to school. The academic program and the character education program are superb and students develop outstanding academic skills to go along with highly developed moral and ethical values. Progress in all subjects is stressed, as are the qualities of respect and responsibility.


Scotland Elementary School is a Kindergarten to 5th grade school that is on the cutting edge of instructional strategies. Through wonderful professional development, both inside and outside the school, our experienced staff provides the kind of quality education that every child deserves. The regular academic program runs in conjunction with a terrific arts program consisting of instrumental and vocal music, dramatic productions and fine art development. The students also have integrated into their program vast use of technology including computers in every classroom and an exceptional computer lab. The Library program is often the hub of our academic development. Research skills are developed and the Library program is well coordinated with classroom instruction. One should never dismiss the importance of physical education. When a child is physically fit they are happier, more productive and ready to learn. Our physical education program has as its goal the enjoyment of physical activity and the development of a sound body to go along with a sound mind.

Support services are extensive. Students who have special needs will find support from an outstanding special education and literacy staff. Enrichment is a key ingredient in the success of the Scotland School program. Students are involved in a variety of before and after school programs along with a very well developed cultural enrichment program that focuses on the learning needs of all students.

Differentiation of instruction is a philosophical goal of the staff. Each teacher is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of every child. Classes are heterogeneously grouped and the needs of every child, both academic and social, are met.

The education the students receive in the classroom is supplemented by curriculum related field trips and activities.

All the members of the Scotland community are extremely proud of our test scores. Scotland students do very well on the Connecticut Mastery Tests.

As was earlier indicated, the Scotland Elementary School is a wonderful place for students to go to school. Our program meets the needs of every child, their family and the community. The school is an open, nurturing environment that is conducive to learning.

The success and happiness of our students is our greatest joy and achievement.

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