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There's nothing we enjoy more than sharing the good news about our wonderful students and staff members. And we have a lot of great things to share! Read all about student and faculty awards and accomplishments, past happenings, upcoming events, and so much more.

District Begins 2018-19 Budget Presentations to BOE

The Ridgefield Public School’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) continues to be a dynamic planning and decision-making instrument that drives the evaluation and identification of those district assets in need of improvement; replacement; renewal; and/or upgrade. As a rolling document, the CIP provides the guide work for the development and maintenance of those anticipated and necessary long-range improvements within a framework of sound planning and fiscal management over a five-year planning horizon. Read the full article.

Leadership Insight with Susan Gately

Susan Gately has been the principal of Farmingville Elementary for eleven years. Prior to that she was a teacher. She is also a parent. Bringing these perspectives together has contributed to a school environment that is best summarized by the school motto, “Farmingville, where good things grow.” Concepts such as “growth mindset” and “personalized learning” and “meeting a child where he/she is at” are living, breathing realities at FES. For our leadership insight this month we focused on “personalized learning.” What does it look like in action? Read the full article. View the FES Press December Newsletter.

We invite you to watch our video!

  • Drop in on a first grade teacher team meeting.
  • Go into the classrooms and see students working with a variety of learning  tools and enjoy an animated summary of tool-supported learning from some fifth grade students.
  • Meet Elementary Supervisor Kelly Svendson and Ms. Gately as they share the important role of parents in their FES community.
  • In twenty minutes - See first hand how teachers, specialist, students, and building leadership work to create a personalized learning experience for every child, every day.
Steve Coulter Makes Headlines with FES Students!

FES Alumni and Ridgefield Press Editor Steve Coulter brought real-life feature writing experience to the fifth grade students of Ms. Holliday and Mr. Lambert last month.  

Enjoy this month’s Day in the District video, as four students lead the way in sharing this special visit with Mr. Coulter.

The Books RPS Teachers Read to Their Kids

Looking for some good books to give the children in your life? Well who better to ask for recommendations than our very own RPS teachers? From classics and series to books for our little ones and young readers - see what they enjoy(ed) reading to their children. Read the list!

RPS December Calendar Highlights

The holiday season is coming up fast but before we head into our winter break, we have a BOE meeting and an early dismissal/professional development day. 

  • December 11: RPS Board Education Meeting
  • December 14: Early dismissal for professional development
  • December 22: Early dismissal for winter break
  • December 25 through January 1: Winter break (offices open on December 28)

The full district calendar can be viewed on our website.

We have added our 2017-2018 emergency closing calendar plan to our website and will continue to update to reflect changes to the last day of school. Currently, our last day is June 14, 2018.

School Start Times Project

The work has begun to facilitate a thoughtful and successful transition to changing school start times in 2019-20, as voted on by the Board of Education. The evidence is clear, the decision made, and the challenge must now be met. 

Read our full report featuring an update on the work of Dr. Rob Miller, the district project manager, the Steering Committee, and district leaders Paul Hendrickson and Karen Dewing as we dive deeper into the work of managing a successful transition.

Miller's Minutes - A Twitter Based Report From The BOE Meetings

Do you want to know what is happening at our Board of Education meetings?

We know you are busy, so new this year we offer Miller’s Minutes, a log of Dr. Robert Miller’s tweets from his live reports on Twitter during the Board of Education (BOE) meetings. These are not official minutes of our BOE meetings, as they need to be voted on by the board, and then posted on the BOE page. Dr. Miller, our Director of Technology and Operations Development, attends each meeting and shares his understanding of the meeting as it progresses. We thought you would appreciate its brevity and timeliness. 

So please take a few minutes and read Miller’s Minutes, updated every week after a BOE meeting. 

Want more info? We offer a live feed of each meeting, live posts on social media, and archive footage, minutes, packets and agendas all on our BOE page

District Presentations to Board of Education

Important information is presented at BOE meetings and we want to make it easy for you to access it. As always, all information is archived on our BOE page. For your convenience, we will post the most recent presentations here in our news section. Please contact us if you have any questions.