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There's nothing we enjoy more than sharing the good news about our wonderful students and staff members. And we have a lot of great things to share! Read all about student and faculty awards and accomplishments, past happenings, upcoming events, and so much more.

RHS Graduation

Graduate and teacher stand smiling next to each otherBehind the Scenes at the RHS Graduation Ceremony! We went backstage with our camera as our RHS seniors prepared for their big moment. The joy in their faces says it all. Watch our slideshow … and you will be smiling too!

Congratulations Class of 2018!

Team Imagine Re-envisions Middle School Education

At the June 11th Board of Education meeting, “Team Imagine,” a group of middle school teachers and LLC staff, was applauded after their dynamic presentation on re-imagining middle school. Inspired by the advances in curriculum standards and ways of thinking as adopted by the state across several disciplines: Science (NGSS), Social Studies (C3), Arts, and common core/conceptual Mathematics just to name a few, Team Imagine showcased how these new curricular pieces along with the collaborative opportunities made possible with the 1:1 initiative and more cross-disciplinary focused learning activities continue to advance teaching and learning at the middle school level. 

You may view the slides, or watch the presentation in our BOE Video-on Demand archive. It begins exactly at the one hour mark and includes the videos they shared.

Key Influences on the School Calendar

The BOE just voted on the school calendars for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years (see links below). The discussion that preceded that vote explored the reasoning behind many of the details inherent in that decision process. In case you missed it, please feel free to read the full article.

Ridgefield Education Foundation Grants

Ridgefield Education Foundation. Create. Innovate. Collaborate.At the June 26 BOE meeting, the board approved a gift of two grants from the Ridgefield Education Foundation (REF).

  • $3,066.01 Christopher Tait, RHS Science Dept. Chair for the Barcodes Ridgefield Project that teaches students about DNA barcoding and more.
  • $10,000 Kim Hapken, for extending the Unified Sports Program to the middle schools.

For the past seven years, REF has generously supported the Ridgefield Public Schools with over $50,000 in grants for a variety of innovative programming and projects. Learn more about REF in this letter from its President, Pamela A. Banks.

BOE Presentations

Our Board of Education page contains archives of BOE minutes, agendas, and packets. For your convenience, after each BOE meeting, we will also post the most recent district presentations here on our News page.