Ridgefield Public Schools
Our shared purpose is to provide highly engaging, relevant and personalized learning
for ALL members of the community

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We are Ridgefield Public Schools, and our students are the pulse of this community. As educators and community members, we work together to create an environment that promotes a desire to learn and succeed. See how we do it here.

Our Mission

The mission of Ridgefield Public Schools is to enable all students to become self-directed and self-reflective learners. We engage all students in opportunities to improve their academic performance, develop their interpersonal skills, and achieve an understanding of their roles and responsibilities as citizens of our democratic society. We create a climate of trust, security, and pride to encourage a lifestyle that nourishes our minds, bodies, and spirits. To that end, Ridgefield Public Schools collaborates with parents and the community to provide a variety of educational experiences that support academic, social, and civic growth in an environment that promotes a respect for diversity.

Student Expectations

The student will:

  • Develop positive relationships with peers and adults
  • Develop an understanding of himself or herself and the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve wellness
  • Develop and improve 21st century communication and collaboration skills
  • Use inquiry, research, and problem solving to perform at his or her highest academic level