Ridgefield Public Schools
Our shared purpose is to provide highly engaging, relevant and personalized learning
for ALL members of the community

Curriculum & Instruction

We at RPS are committed to the academic achievement of our students. Our curriculum addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of the whole child. Our students graduate well-prepared for success in high school, college, and beyond.

What is Curriculum and Instruction?

A curriculum is a framework that identifies the concepts, information, and skills for a course and helps to provide consistency and continuity of instruction. Instruction includes strategies for engaging students in active learning and for tailoring these experiences to meet the individual needs of students so that all students improve their performance.

Curriculum & Instruction Staff

All staff are lifelong learners who need to continue to improve their knowledge and skills to keep up to date with best practices to improve the performance of all students. Professional development is essential, and we tailor it to meet the needs of individual staff.

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Asst. Superintendent
P: (203) 894.5550
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Alison Villanueva
K-12 Humanities Supervisor
P: (203) 894.5550
Ext: 1204
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Christine Melagrano
P: (203) 894.5550
Ext: 1202
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