District Priorities

At the Ridgefield Public Schools, providing a challenging education that will serve to develop solid citizens and members of our community is our main priority. We are happy to share our plan for providing educational opportunities you can be proud of.

Behind Our Priorities

Behind the district priorities are the assumptions that the district will:

  • Adhere to class size practices
  • Address imminent health and safety concerns
  • Regularly review, revise, and assess curriculum
  • Comply with federal and state mandates, including teacher certification, educator evaluations, and IDEA
  • Continuously examine and implement cost efficiencies
  • Honor all collective bargaining agreements

Our Priorities

Our district priorities are:

  • Continued improvement of student academic skills through increased curricular rigor and instructional emphasis on higher order thinking, conceptual understanding, effective oral and written communication skills, abstract reasoning, perseverance, and problem-solving ability
  • Enhanced student preparation to meet future global citizenship and career demands through improved skills in global awareness, scientific literacy, world language, analyzing information, collaboration, strategic thinking, problem solving, innovation, and technology applications
  • Continued emphasis on students’ physical, social, and emotional wellness through character education, nutrition and health education, safe and personalized school climate, substance abuse education, and positive behavioral supports
  • Address challenge of continuous educational improvement amongst uncertain enrollment and economic constraints
  • Complete labor negotiations in an atmosphere of mutual respect reflective of responsible fiscal planning and the best interests of our students and the district
  • Strengthen district infrastructure to support effective district and school leadership, strategic planning; data analysis and reporting; high quality staff recruiting, supervision, and evaluation; efficient communication, personnel, and budgeting functions; efficient bus transportation; and high standards for security, safety, and maintenance