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English Learner Program K–12

The goal of the EL Program is to provide quality English instruction for English learners who are not yet proficient in English. This program is designed to support children's development in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English so that they can meet appropriate academic achievement standards. 

INformation for Parents, Families, and Community Members

You can read more about the English Learner Program in the brochure below. For your convenience, we've provided several different translations:

Our Goal—100% Proficiency

While the rate of English language development varies widely from student to student, many students exit the EL Program in three to seven years. All English learners must have access to content academic instruction with modification and supports as necessary to ensure that the students will be successful academically and prepared for grade promotion and graduation. This district’s goal is for 100% of all English learners to become fully proficient in English in order to graduate from high school with a range of academic and professional options.

Exit Criteria

In order for students to exit the ESOL program and no longer receive English language acquisition support, the student must reach the state mandated exit requirements. Please see the Exit Criteria document for more detailed information.


Christine Argueta
EL Program Coordinator
Ridgefield Public Schools
(203) 894.5500 ext. 4573