Learn More About Our District

We are Ridgefield Public Schools, and our students are the pulse of this community. As educators and community members, we work together to create an environment that promotes a desire to learn and succeed. See how we do it here.

Our Mission

Ridgefield Public Schools provides engaging, relevant, and personalized learning experiences so all students can pursue their interests and prepare for life, learning, and work as global citizens.

To accomplish this mission, our community including educators, students, and parents will partner to:

  • Foster academic, social, and emotional growth for all students.
  • Promote wellness of body and mind.
  • Build an inclusive climate of trust, safety, and respect.
  • Value diversity by cultivating global competencies.
  • Attract, support, and retain talented educators who embrace continuous learning.

RPS Vision of a successful graduate

Graduates who are collaborative contribute cooperatively and responsibly to a team when they are looking for solutions to rigorous and complex problems.

Graduates who are innovative find creative solutions to authentic problems. They think flexibly and critically while gathering information to synthesize and apply what they have learned.

Graduates who are mindful embrace empathy and advocate respect for themselves and others. Through self reflection and awareness, they understand diverse cultures and perspectives. They model the conviction that ethics, leadership, and service to others are critical elements of responsible citizenship.

Graduates who are communicative strategically navigate, construct, and articulate specific messages. They utilize their communication skills in an effective, clear and precise manner across multiple forms of media literacy.

Graduates who are knowledgeable are independent learners who draw upon a wide range of skills for different purposes. They seek, gather and critique information from a variety of sources.

Graduates who are resilient are adaptable and persistent in their journey toward growth on rigorous and complex problems. They embrace failure and are intellectual risk-takers. They are self-motivated, thoughtful and independent decision-makers who value lifelong learning.