Ridgefield Public Schools
Our shared purpose is to provide highly engaging, relevant and personalized learning
for ALL members of the community


There is substantial evidence suggesting that early childhood programs comprised of mixed ability groupings is best practice. At the Ridgefield Public Schools, we are committed to a pre-K program model that includes typically developing preschool-age children from the community.

Peer Model Selection

We will consider children for the limited spaces available for peer models based on the following criteria:

  • Application age of three (3) years or older
  • Independence with toileting skills
  • Participation in a screening to obtain a general, development profile.

We will place children who meet the above qualifications and exhibit strong social and language skills in an applicant pool from which we will make the final selections at random. We will notify parents by letter regarding their child’s selection.

We appreciate that young children develop at different rates. Should we have any concerns regarding your child’s development, we will contact you and explain our referral process for further evaluation, as needed.

Child Find

Child Find is a federal mandate that assures that all children who are in need or who are suspected to be in need of early intervention or special education services are located, identified, and referred to the Planning and Placement Team (PPT).

The Ridgefield Public Schools pre-K team of professionals conducts a Child Find Developmental Screening on a specified date each month at Barlow Mountain Elementary School for all community children of preschool age (3 to almost 5 years old).

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